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                                           Image  Malcolm Glover

                                    POSTPONED       VIDEO/PHOTOGRAPHIC PROJECT CALLOUT


I am working on a project entitled Postponed. POSTPONED will capture the mood of post-lockdown England in a series of short video portraits featuring a range of individuals and communities who have had their big event or gathering postponed or cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic. These short (approx 30 second) videos, looped into a 15 minute sequence, will document, through group images, a range of individuals of differing passions and professions - from pantomime actors to ballroom dancers to bingo enthusiasts to devotees of music festivals to football fans to nightclubbers to historical re-enactment societies and street festival celebrants - filmed in the location where their event didn't happen. This collection of group portraits will be exhibited online through the Coastal Currents festival website during March 2021 I feel this is a work that needs to be made while a sense of loss is still keenly felt by those who would otherwise have been pursuing their passions and pastimes. POSTPONED - as a sequence of documentary portraits - will stand as a lasting digital testimony to the diversity of lives disrupted by the year of lockdown.


I am looking to film


Actors who have had their play or panto cancelled. I would film the actors dressed in the characters they would have been playing in the theatre where the production would have been taking place.


Clubbers or DJs filmed in an empty night club


Bingo enthusiasts filmed in an empty bingo hall


Ballroom Dancers in costumes filmed in an empty ballroom


Musicians who have had their gigs cancelled, filmed in the empty venue where it would have taken place.


A swimmer who has had swimming gala cancelled filmed in empty swimming pool.


A footballer wearing boots and football strip on empty football pitch where matches would have taken place


Other sporting events that have been cancelled would also be included, please feel free to contact me.


A priest in the pulpit within an empty church, no congregation


Bride/Bridegroom who have had their wedding cancelled


Historical Re-enactors dressed in costume in location where the re-enacment event would have occurred.


Bonfire Society members dressed in bonfire society dress code where bonfire would have taken place

Santa Claus filmed where grotto would have been


Performers, Cabaret, Burlesque artists Comedians in venues or street locations where event would have taken place


A dog owner with dog where dog show would have taken place




If you have any suggestions of other cancelled events that I have not mentioned that you are involved in and would like to be filmed please contact me.


 Covid safety regulations will be rigorously adhered to.


You can see my work at


If you would like to take part in the project please contact me at


Many Thanks


Malcolm Glover